Tell us a little about your background?

I went to secondary school in Aberdeen, I had originally planned to do a gap year, but instead went to college to do a HND in Social Sciences. I then completed my social work degree and started job hunting once I had graduated.

What made you want to work for a Mental Health Charity?

My first placement at University was with a Community Mental Health Team, I enjoyed meeting different people and really wanted a job where I could help people in the community.

Tell us about the Project you work on?

I work on the Aberdeen Nova project which is community based, focused on helping people to become more independent. A lot of people can become isolated in the community, our purpose is to help them build confidence.

What does a typical day at work for you involve?

I support 22 people at this project, on a typical day I will see around 4 people, ensuring that I have enough time in between to type up notes, and refresh on previous ones. Activities throughout the day are really varied; we tend not to encourage home visits, in order to get people out of their homes and into the community, whilst promoting independence. We also run POWWOWS every second week, along with coffee mornings and giving talks to GPs, police and other professionals, to raise awareness of what we do. My hours are mostly 9-5, we do still need to be a little flexible, depending on who we are supporting.

What do you enjoy about working on this project?

I enjoy the varied work, and supporting different people. I really enjoy being able to help people be positive and look after themselves.

What makes Penumbra a great place to work?

The training is brilliant, there are lots of resources available and the knowledge within the team means there is always someone there to help, everyone is really supportive of each other so there is never a time when you are stuck and don’t know what to do. Penumbra is true to its values and what it stands for.

How would you describe your job in three words?

Fulfilling, Exciting, Challenging