The service is delivered by peer workers who have their own experience of significant life stress and accessing services. Staff are willing to share their lived experience in a way that supports, empowers and brings hope to the people they support. The service aims to help you work towards your own personalised recovery. Peer support is the sharing of knowledge and experience between people. Peer workers work as “recovery guides” promoting the recovery of people engaging with services.

Research has been shown that identifying with others can help creates an environment where people can open up, share tips and suggestions for recovery. This is done with the support of a peer.

What We Offer:
Recovery focused conversations, which can help you make sense of your own experience and inspire hope. They can be done as part of ongoing support offered or they can be done by itself.

121 Support:
Working with you, we will support you to improve the quality of your life. Support will help you to create the recovery goals that you want. Working with you, your peer worker will help you work towards your goals. We will use our HOPE toolkit to enable you to enhance your strengths while learning new healthy problem-solving techniques. The supportive relationship will help you overcome challenges by supporting you to try new things, make changes in your life and empowering you to make your own choices.

Group Support:

We offer groups on specific areas of wellbeing. People with an interest in a specific area come together. They share their knowledge and experience. There is a focus on exploring tips, ideas and practical steps that can enhance our wellbeing on the chosen area. These are our Penumbra Workshops on Wellbeing (POWWOWs).

How to Access the Service:
The service is open to East Renfrewshire residents aged 18+. People accessing the service will be predominantly referred through existing East Renfrewshire Addictions and Mental Health services:

•Adult Mental Health Team (CMHT)

•Community Addictions Team

•RCA Trust

•RAMH – Causeway

For more info, please contact the team:

East Renfrewshire Peer Service
94 Hope Street
G2 6PH
T (office): 0141 229 2580
T (mobile): 07717 301589