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Collaboration and Change – Making Recovery Real in Dundee

The momentum around the success of Making Recovery Real continues to grow. Christine Muir, from the Scottish Recovery Network, tells us more about this new approach to developing mental health support and encourages you to get involved! What is Making Recovery Real? Piloted in Dundee and Moray, Making Recovery Real brings people with lived experience … Continued

Everest Base Camp – Maria’s fit150 challenge

This week Maria shares her experience of taking on a new challenge and how she managed to complete it one step at a time. My name is Maria, based in Scotland, Aberdeenshire. After returning home from our recent travels to Australia and India, my husband and I had caught the travelling bug, so he started … Continued

Beating the ‘Winter Blues’ with exercise

Exercise can have a positive impact on our mental health. As the weather gets colder and darker, we might find ourselves struggling to find motivation to continue with our workout routine. Just like plenty of animals, we might find ourselves with a desire to spend our time hibernating in the warmth, in front of the … Continued

Reasons to stay active in autumn and winter

The summer has gone, the weather is colder and the days are shorter. Fantastic excuses to sit back, relax and skip the gym. Working out during the colder months can, however, be really beneficial to our overall wellbeing. This post explores three reasons why working out during autumn and winter is important and shares four … Continued

Find your fit150 wellness tool

Stuart Davidson, Peer Worker at our East Lothian service, shared with us a moving and inspirational story. He shows that fit150 can be achieved in many different ways and that, in the end, it is about finding what works for you.   I’m wider than I’m tall, my body is alien to me it doesn’t … Continued

Staying motivated to achieve your fit150

Imagine you were setting yourself a new goal to be more active. You sign up to the gym, go for regular walks and eat healthier. Initially, everything is super exciting but a few weeks in, the initial ‘spark of newness’ has disappeared. Working out seems more like a chore and the healthier food options do … Continued

9 easy exercises to do at home

We have previously explored 10 easy ways to feel healthier and be more active and how to stay motivated. This time we look at some easy exercises that you can do in the comfort of your own home. Inspiration for this post has been taken from the NHS website. Wall Push-Ups Start by standing 1 to … Continued

Have a munch on this

Healthy Eating, yes we know it is good for us, but it’s not always easy to maintain or in fact easy to know what to make. To help you get inspired, we have put together a list our favourite healthy eating recipe blogs. Have a browse, get cooking and let us know what tastes great! … Continued

Glasgow team Walk all over Cancer

Staff at Glasgow SLS have signed up to Walk all over Cancer, a Cancer Research UK challenge taking place over March 2018. The challenge is simple – walk 10,000 steps a day this March to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Walking has a lot of benefits – it not only improves your health, it … Continued

A little bit of what you fancy is good for you

Generally when we start talking about exercise it isn’t long before the conversation moves onto food.  Yep that’s it – healthy eating. But don’t switch off, I’m not going to give you a list of what we should and shouldn’t eat, I am actually going to share a healthy eating golden nugget. Keep reading! The … Continued