Home – this means having somewhere that is safe and comfortable, somewhere where you can venture forward from but still feel firmly rooted. It is more than just shelter or a roof over your head. Read more about HOPE and how we work with you.





Dan Mushens on embracing change and moving forward

Anyone who works in the health and social care sector will likely concur that the concept of change is ever present and reflection, reviewing, innovating and goal-setting are constant themes. As an organisation, Penumbra started 2020 with the launch of new cloud based IT systems which will revolutionise not only our humans resources and business … Continued

Collaboration and Change – Making Recovery Real in Dundee

The momentum around the success of Making Recovery Real continues to grow. Christine Muir, from the Scottish Recovery Network, tells us more about this new approach to developing mental health support and encourages you to get involved! What is Making Recovery Real? Piloted in Dundee and Moray, Making Recovery Real brings people with lived experience … Continued

Food for your mind

At times when we feel anxious, stressed or a bit low and tired, we tend to eat food high in fats, sugars and calories. We are likely to do this to stock up on fast acting energy which our body feels it needs. This usually helps for a short length of time before our body … Continued

Fiona’s thoughts on walking and mindfulness

I am Fiona Gray a Peer Worker in Penumbra’s Glasgow City Supported Living Service. I have worked for Penumbra for over 7 years and mainly cover supports in the East End of Glasgow. I have a fitness tracker and aim to walk over 10,000 steps a day at least 5 days a week. I achieve … Continued

Time to Walk and Talk

See Me’s Time to Talk Day is going to take place tomorrow. This day is dedicated to look at “what it takes to make a conversation on mental health”. So, our #fit150 team has also thought of a way to start a conversation on mental health with friends or family: Walk & Talk.   All … Continued

How to make your New Year’s resolutions count

Many of us begin the new year by making New Year’s resolutions. Whether it is to eat healthier, be more active, spend more time with friends and family or take up a new hobby; January is usually the month we feel the motivation and excitement necessary to make those changes. Unfortunately, this motivation does not … Continued

Creative ways to eat healthier in the new year

Last week we shared some easy tips to increase your daily step count to be more active. This week we look at a few creative ways to eat healthier in the new year.   Have veggie based soups for lunch. Soups are not only delicious but they are also super comforting during the colder months … Continued

6 easy ways to make your meals healthier

Whether we celebrate Christmas or not, this time of year can prove challenging to embrace healthier foods. Supermarkets are displaying indulgent and comforting foods everywhere. The shelves are stocked with chocolate, sweet bakes and pre-cooked high fat, high sugar meals. Physical activity as well as a healthy, balanced diet are however important to improve our … Continued

Getting into a routine to be more active

Earlier this week, David Richardson, a Peer Volunteer diagnosed with ARBD shared his recovery journey; you can read his contribution here. David shared that he “avoids alcohol use by keeping busy and being open-minded”. He further explained that he “likes to have a meaningful routine of things to do to keep himself active”. Exercise can … Continued