Opportunity – this represents having something meaningful to do. Whether this is education, leisure, recreation, volunteering or working, we know that meaningful activity is important to people’s sense of wellbeing and belonging. Read more about HOPE and how we work with you.





Collaboration and Change – Making Recovery Real in Dundee

The momentum around the success of Making Recovery Real continues to grow. Christine Muir, from the Scottish Recovery Network, tells us more about this new approach to developing mental health support and encourages you to get involved! What is Making Recovery Real? Piloted in Dundee and Moray, Making Recovery Real brings people with lived experience … Continued

fit150 – Glasgow Supported Living Service Team Challenge

  As a team we were a little upset by the fact that the main lift broke down and was going to take 6 – 8 weeks to be repaired. Would you believe we are on the 6th floor in a Glasgow City Centre office? There are two entrances to our building one with 72 … Continued

fit150 – My Daily Commute

Penumbra’s Head of Development, Sarah Campbell, shares how she fits her fit150 into her daily commute to work. I know that fresh air and exercise is good for me and my cycle home is part of a plan to keep my mind and body well but last night as I battered against the wind and … Continued

The positive impact of exercise on mental wellbeing

Joel, Peer Worker at the Moray Mental Health & Wellness Centre, shares how exercise has helped him on his journey to recovery. My journey to recovery has had several key factors, though it would have never started if it were not for my focus on physical exercise. Before I took up long-distance running, I have … Continued

Stretches & Exercises at your desk

Whether at work, school or college, some of us sit for long periods of time without getting up and moving. So, this week we compiled a few different stretches and exercises we can do at our desk.   Stretches at your desk Look around Turn your head to the right and look over your shoulder. … Continued

Exercise: a case of mind over matter

Our Research & Information Manager, Bridey, shares how overcoming fears and anxieties is a case of mind over matter. If you had told me a few years ago that in 2019, cycling would be my default way of commuting the 12 miles each way to work and I would be actively seeking out opportunities to … Continued

John’s fit150 experience at our Carntyne service

John, a supported person at our Carntyne service, shares his thoughts on #fit150, how staff are supporting him with this and a training plan which helps him to be active away from the gym. Physical exercise is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Exercise is also good for mental health because it releases endorphins into the … Continued

New Year Resolutions: Are you setting yourself up to fail?

This week, Jack Driver, shares his thoughts on New Year’s Resolutions and setting goals. He reflects on goals he set last year and how he managed to achieve these. Statistically, 80% of New Year resolutions fail by February and just 8% of people manage to achieve them. The problem is setting up the first of … Continued

Creative ways to reach your daily step goal

The new year has begun and with that a lot of us have made resolutions. One of the most popular ones are to be more active, to exercise more, eat healthier or to lose weight. If you would like to be more active in the new year, an easy way to do so, is to … Continued

Julie’s Taekwondo journey

In this blog, our wonderful Quality Manager, Julie Rutherford, shares her journey of Taekwondo. I have never been a particularly fit individual and have tried a number of gyms and fitness classes throughout the years but nothing really stuck. That all changed back in 2017 when I was reading something and a sentence stood out: … Continued