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I was given a 5% chance of survival after a suicide attempt

*Jonathan is a Penumbra Peer Worker. A few years ago, he came very close to dying from suicide. Jonathan’s passion for peer support and the value of lived experience in supporting people is contagious. Jonathan is brilliant and he wanted to share his experience to show people that recovery is possible. This is Jonathan’s story. … Continued

Angus McKay and the power of peer

Angus is a Peer Volunteer with our Western Isles NOVA project. In this article, he talks about his journey of recovery and how he’s now supporting others through his own lived experience. This is Angus’s story. I would like to share a little bit about my time with Penumbra. It all started with me being … Continued

Glowsticks and Brexit: the things you don’t expect to feature in a recovery story

Lisa’s 21. She’s bright, articulate and funny. And she loves an inspirational quote. Since the age of 17, she’s been living in homeless and temporary accommodation. She recently moved into her own place and since July, she’s been working with her Penumbra Recovery Worker, Sharon, through our supported living service.  Lisa’s mental health and wellbeing … Continued

How can any day just be ordinary anymore? A recovery story, by Liam.

This morning I got up and ate my breakfast en route to the lab to start another day as a PhD student at University of Glasgow, studying how a special subset of immune cells (gd T cells) can predict the development and outcome of colorectal cancer. I worked on a report ahead of a project … Continued

Ashley’s mental health began to suffer after losing work. This is his recovery journey.

  I’d lost work after 26 years and was unraveling with mental health issues I first encountered Penumbra in the Autumn of 2017. I’d lost work after 26 years and was unraveling with mental health issues. I suffered depression, anxiety and OCD, had attempted suicide and regularly self harmed. I was referred to the self … Continued

Tesco shortlists Penumbra in #BagsOfHelp centenary grants

We’re so excited that Penumbra has been shortlisted as one of the participating charities in Tesco’s Bags of Help Centenary Grants. What happens next? From now until the end of December, you’ll be given one voting token per purchase when you shop in Tesco stores across areas 3, 4 and 5 (as shown below). The … Continued

Penumbra’s Caroline Ploetnar looks at mental wellbeing in the workplace

The modern workplace can be a stressful environment. It can be hard to be open about your wellbeing at work, and it can be difficult to recognise signs that your mental health is beginning to suffer. Everyone has mental health, and everyone experiences highs and lows as a normal part of life. There is a … Continued

Penumbra Podcast – Body Image

Abbie Henderson speaks to Robin Murphy about young people’s mental health, and specifically negative body image. Abbie has developed a new programme for Penumbra called My Body My Way. You can find out more about My Body My Way and download the free resources via the I.ROC website.   To read more please visit Spotlight, or sign … Continued

Penumbra Podcast – Peer Work

Christopher from Plan2Change in Edinburgh joins Robin to discuss Peer Work in the Penumbra Podcast. During the discussion they cover topics such as experiencing mental health issues, recovery, and being a peer worker.     To read more please visit Spotlight, or sign up to our monthly newsletter. Keep up with the latest from Penumbra, … Continued

fit150 – Glasgow Supported Living Service Team Challenge

  As a team we were a little upset by the fact that the main lift broke down and was going to take 6 – 8 weeks to be repaired. Would you believe we are on the 6th floor in a Glasgow City Centre office? There are two entrances to our building one with 72 … Continued