Penumbra visit Edinburgh University women’s football clubs

Women's Football

Penumbra visited Edinburgh University Women’s Football Club and Edinburgh University Hutchison Vale Women’s Football Club today to raise awareness of mental health issues and to encourage players and support staff to seek help if they need to.

Recovery Practitioners from Penumbra visited the squads to highlight that young women, students, and elite sports performers are all statistically at risk of mental illness. Penumbra warned against “bottling it up” and outlined symptoms and the support which is available.

Many top female athletes have spoken publically about their own experiences of mental ill health, including Dame Kelly Holmes, Serena Williams, Rebecca Adlington and Victoria Pendleton. Several male professional footballers have also talked about experiencing mental health difficulties, such as Neil Lennon, Stan Collymore, Andy Cole, Clarke Carlisle, and Paul Gascoigne.

Students concerned about their mental health can contact Penumbra or the Edinburgh University Student Counselling service.

More information

For more information please contact Robin Murphy on 0131 475 2569 or email

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