I.ROC wellbeing website launches

We help the people we work with to recover from mental ill health and to fulfil their potential. We feel it is important to know if the work we are doing is of value to those who use our services.

That is why we developed I.ROC (individual recovery outcomes counter) and the HOPE framework, and why we have now launched I.ROC wellbeing.

I.ROC wellbeing is an innovative approach to mental health and wellbeing. It is a powerful set of tools that deliver meaningful and measurable results. The new web-based suite of tools on www.irocwellbeing.com includes:

  • HOPE® – A framework for wellbeing
  • I.ROC® (individual recovery outcomes counter) – a facilitated self-assessment that uses the HOPE framework and 12 indicators of wellbeing to assess and measure personal recovery
  • HOPE® Toolkit – personal plans and wellbeing tools that promote recovery

Together these tools, which are also available in paper format, combine to create a holistic approach to wellbeing and recovery.

Find out more about I.ROC wellbeing at its brand new website – www.irocwellbeing.com

More information

For more information please email hello@irocwellbeing.com.

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