Campaign encourages men experiencing mental health difficulties to #MENtionIt

#MENtionIt is a new campaign to encourage men in Grampian who are experiencing a crisis to contact Penumbra’s 1st Response services.

1st Response launched in Grampian in 2016. It provides discreet, short term, practical support to people in distress. It is available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Although anyone can contact 1st Response for support, analysis of service data has found that men experiencing difficulties are much less likely to contact the service than women.

#MENtionIt has been launched to raise awareness of 1st Response amongst men, and to encourage men feeling frustrated, depressed or distressed to contact the service and… #MENtionIt.

You can find out more about the campaign on our website. Help us raise awareness of 1st Response and show support for the campaign by using #MENtionIt on Twitter and Instagram.

Contact 1st Response services

  • Aberdeen 1st Response: 07768 647 723
  • Aberdeenshire 1st Response: 07795 602 425
  • Moray Mental Health & Wellness Centre: 01343 556 191

    More information

    For more information contact 1st Response (01224 642 854), or Robin Murphy on 0131 475 2569 or email