Minister for Mental Health visits Penumbra’s Wellness Centre

The Minister for Mental Health, Clare Haughey visited the Moray Mental Health and Wellness Centre in Elgin on Friday 3rd May. 

The centre provides several services including mental health workshops, 1:1 support and a dedicated 1st Response freephone number for people in crisis or distress.

Alongside the centre there are 6 Penumbra mental health link workers attached to GP practices across Moray.

The Mental Health & Wellness Centre launched on 3rd April 2017 as an accessible and extensive resource for people who are concerned about their mental health and wellbeing. With the aim of achieving the best possible mental health and wellbeing for the people of Moray, the Centre offers a comprehensive pathway of evidence based and recovery focused services.

A team of Recovery Practitioners, Recovery Workers, and Peer Workers provide the services from the Wellness Centre.

Peer workers are people who have lived experience of mental health problems and recovery. The sharing of experiences can be a powerful aid to personal change and recovery, while acting as a role model and example of recovery.

Penumbra Chief Executive, Nigel Henderson, said:

‘We are delighted to welcome Clare Haughey, Minister for Mental Health to our Moray service. We believe that the service is a leading example of how to offer information, advice and support in an easily accessible and timely manner to people concerned about or experiencing mental health problems.’

Mental Health Minister Clare Haughey said:

“This has been an excellent opportunity to witness the great work done by the Moray Mental Health and Wellness Centre  to provide support and advice about mental health to the local area. It’s clear the team are making a real difference to people’s lives in Moray.”

“Looking after our mental health and wellbeing – and that of friends, family and colleagues – is crucial and centres like this one are equipping people with the right advice and knowledge to do so.”

About the Services

Self-Management Opportunities

These interactive and informative group sessions emphasise self-awareness and personal responsibility, empowering people to manage their own wellbeing.

We offer a programme of educational and motivational Penumbra Workshops on Wellbeing (POWWOWs), focusing on commonly identified themes such as Self Esteem, Expressing Emotions, Hope for the Future and Coping with Self Harm.

The Wellness Centre also delivers group Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) workshops and facilitates Living Life to the Full on an individual basis.


After reviewing people who were accessing the services, we discovered a disparity between genders, with over 60% of people we support being female.

To encourage more men to access the Wellness Centre, we launched #MentionItMoray – a campaign and programme of activities specifically aimed at appealing to men.

1st Response

The 1st Response service provides short term support when someone is at crisis point. No application is needed and there is no waiting list. The service can be accessed via a walk-in, email, or our dedicated Freephone helpline: 0800 234 3490

About Penumbra

Penumbra is one of Scotland’s largest mental health charities. We operate nearly 40 services across Scotland, supporting over 4000 adults and young people every year and employ 400 staff across Scotland.

Importantly, 20% of our workforce are employed as Peer Workers or Practitioners, bringing their own lived experience of mental health problems and recovery to their role.

Founded in 1985, we work to promote mental health and wellbeing for all, prevent mental ill health for people who are ‘at risk’, and to support people with mental health problems.

We provide a wide range of services, which offer hope and practical steps towards recovery, and we campaign to increase public knowledge about mental health and to influence national and local government policy.

The Moray Mental Health and Wellness Centre is based at:

Moray Mental Health and Wellness Centre
30/32 Batchen Street
IV30 1QP

T 01343 556 191



More Information

Contact Jack Driver, Communications Officer for more information on 0131 475 2549 or