#talkingisharmless launched to mark Self Harm Awareness Day


Self harm is often a private and personal act, and many people who self harm struggle to approach others for help.

To mark Self Harm Awareness Day 2018 (1 March 2018), we wanted to do something to increase understanding and awareness around self harm, and to reduce stigma.

The team at the Self Harm Project in Aberdeen have created a campaign – #talkingisharmless – to get the conversation started online. The hashtag embodies our ethos that the most important thing is to talk about the issue.

As part of the campaign we will publish a series of #talkingisharmless articles over the coming days. They will focus on raising awareness, debunking myths, and providing information on how to get help.

In Aberdeen you might also spot our #talkingisharmless posters and plasters dotted around the city.

Use the #talkingisharmless hashtag to get involved, show support for the campaign, and share your own thoughts on self harm.

More information

For more information contact Robin Murphy on 0131 475 2569 or by emailing communications@penumbra.org.uk.