Penumbra’s Coronavirus InfoHUB is Live

The Penumbra team have put together an online HUB containing useful resources and links on keeping well during coronavirus.

Click image to visit our infoHUB

In these difficult times Penumbra will continue to support the mental wellbeing of our people and communities through the challenges we face. We know that the coronavirus pandemic has the potential to have profound impacts on all of our mental wellbeing. We will work to support our staff, the people who use our services, and we will help communities look after each other. Penumbra’s core guiding beliefs are HOPE and the belief that recovery is possible in any situation. Our focus is underpinned by the following values:

We will support our teams, who are key workers to many of the most vulnerable in our society, to find innovative ways to continue supporting people and maintaining their wellbeing. We will also:

  • Focus on how our staff and services can continue to support communities to maintain their resilience and focus on mental wellbeing and mutual support.
  • Support in any way we can the work of other organisations, in all sectors, to maintain resilience and hope.

We will keep the needs of people who experience mental health difficulties as our core priority and ensure their voice and needs are kept in high priority. Our highly skilled teams will continue to connect with the people we support with compassion, hope and kindness.

We will lead a vision that as with mental health, with the right support, individuals and communities will recover from these challenges.

We will constantly strive to find new ways to support our communities through this time.