Wellbeing Points popping up across Scotland

Wellbeing Points

Penumbra has been working with colleges, community groups and support services to help people access resources designed to improve their wellbeing.

Recovery Practitioner William Wright has been helping organisations to create Wellbeing Points, a publically accessible computer which can be used to search local health and wellbeing portals such as ALISS (A Local Information System for Scotland).

The initiative has been developed to support people, in particular those who may not otherwise have access to the internet, to independently access local resources and to self-manage their mental health.

Marked by a large Penumbra Wellbeing Point poster, access points are located in public spaces like campuses and community centres. This setting means the computers are easily accessible and staff are on hand to offer help to people with limited IT skills.

William Wright came up with idea whilst working to promote good mental health in rural communities. He said:

“When exploring self-management of mental health in rural communities I kept meeting people who were struggling to find services in their local area. Some people didn’t know where to look and others were worried about the stigma of asking about mental health services.

“A Wellbeing Point promotes and allows anyone to independently access and search for resources or services. It is set up for simple, easy access.  It is an additional way to support self-management in the community.”

The Wellbeing Points have proven to be very popular and a cost effective way to encourage people to seek help. Based in existing community spaces and using an external search database, the Wellbeing Points cost next to nothing and are quick to set up. It is hoped that this formula means the asset will be sustainable in the long term, offering local people a quick and easy way to access the help they need.

Some organisations have developed the Wellbeing Point beyond the original concept. Glasgow Kelvin College, for example, has created an online tab as part of the John Wheatley Learning Network. This network is linked to over 30 community centres in Glasgow, with over 7,000 users. West Lothian College has also developed the Wellbeing Point into a ‘Wellbeing for All’ section on its learning network.

Wellbeing Point computers have so far been established with:

  • Salvation Army’s New Future project, Falkirk
  • YMCA, Bellshill, North Lanarkshire
  • Penumbra Glasgow ARBD service
  • Focus Community Centre, Saltcoats, North Ayrshire

Digital Wellbeing Points have also been developed as as tabs or access points with:

  • Glasgow Kelvin College and John Wheatley Group
  • West Lothian College

More Information

For more information please contact Robin Murphy on communications@penumbra.org.uk or call 0131 475 2569.