‘What Matters to You?’ Day 2017 [video]

‘What Matters to You?’ Day (6 June 2017) aims to encourage and support more meaningful conversations between people who provide health and social care and the people, families and carers who receive health and social care.

On or around 6 June everyone is encouraged to have a ‘What Matters to You?’ conversation with people they support or care for. The aim is to encourage people to keep having these conversations beyond ‘What Matters to You?’ Day.

Asking this simple question has lots of benefits. First and foremost it helps to establish a relationship, but it also helps you to understand the person in the context of their own life and the things that are most important to them. With this crucial insight you are in a much better position to work with the person to find the best way forward for them.

More Information

For more information about ‘What Matters to You’ Day visit: www.whatmatterstoyou.scot/.

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