The Dundee self-harm service originally started offering support to people in Dundee aged 16+. Due to an expansion in the service, we can now offer support to people aged 16 and over across the whole of Scotland. Our team offer a compassionate and non-judgemental approach to mental health support. We understand that it can be hard to deal with traumatic events, and that self harm can feel like a way to cope. Self harm can take many forms, including but not limited to cutting, burning, swallowing harmful objects, hair pulling, disordered eating and engaging in high risk activities.

Our team brings the unique insight and empathy of their own lived experience of managing mental health challenges to support you to identify your barriers, share practical tips and plan your own next steps to meet your hopes and aspirations for your future.

Our team are trained in person centred planning techniques and providing trauma informed recovery focused support. We can offer a flexible plan of up to 15 support sessions, delivered within your local community. Alongside exploring self harm as a coping strategy, we can also support you to look at other areas important to you, such as social activities, self esteem, confidence and mental health and wellbeing.

We offer group workshops and activities to bring people together, informed by your ideas. Awareness raising and information sessions for other agencies, parents & carers can be arranged. The service is self-referral and people cana lso be signposted to us from their GP or other health professional.

For more information on this service please contact:

9 Tay Square

T 01382 223 487

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