What the service offers
The service is provided by a team of Recovery Practitioners, Recovery Workers, and Peer Workers, who have a personal lived experience of mental health problems and can share their own recovery story to inspire hope and belief that recovery is possible for all.
The service provides a range of support, including:
• 1:1 support using person centred planning tools, tips and techniques
• WRAP – Wellness Recovery Action Planning
We will support you to find ways to successfully resolve the crisis situation and to plan for your own future.
The service also supports people to access local resources and connect positively with their community.
Expect recovery
Using our recovery focused tools the service supports people to improve their quality of life by identifying their own goals. Peer Workers work alongside people as they work towards these personal goals. Using our HOPE Toolkit, Peer Workers support people to enhance their existing strengths and learn healthy new problem solving skills. Peer relationships help people to overcome their fears by supporting them to try new things, empower them to make their own choices and successfully overcome challenges.
Why peer work is important 
Peer workers are people who have lived experience of mental health problems. The peer relationship is an equal and mutual relationship, based on empathy and compassion, and without judgment.
The sharing of experiences can be a powerful aid to personal change and recovery.
Your Peer Worker will be alongside you to respectfully share ideas and learning. Using their insight, they can support you to challenge your own expectations and behaviours, understand your frustrations and act as a role model.
T 0800 234 3490
E MorayWellnessService@penumbra.org.uk
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Other services

  If you need support outside the Wellness Service’s opening times, you can contact:
T 116 123 (freephone) Open 24 hours a days, 365 days a year.
T 0800 83 85 87 Open weekdays Monday—Thursday 6pm to 2am, and weekends Friday 6pm to Monday 6am.
T 0800 1111 Always open.
T 0800 4 70 80 90 Always open.