David’s epic fundraiser is halfway through the year – but why’s he doing it?

It’s hard to pin down exactly why I chose to fundraise for Penumbra. Knowing the importance of good mental health, having lived through extremely tough experiences of a number of close family members, and being aware of the male suicide rate in Scotland and particularly the North East where I live as well as being aware of some of the gaps in the service the NHS is able to provide, meant I was driven to find a charity to raise funds for that worked to support the mental health needs of people in Scotland. I was actually amazed to see the number of services Penumbra offer and and wide range of needs they are able to support. Not only those I’d thought of and been touched by but others such as homelessness, supported living and substance use. I was also really pleased to see how accessible some of Penumbras services looked to be – and was keen to help raise some funds and shout a little louder about their existence!

Thank you, David, we’re all behind you in your challenge and we’re so grateful that you’re shouting for us.

If David’s epic #RunningForPenumbra has inspired you, find out how you can join our joyous community of supporters and catch one of those fashion forward Penumbra tees.

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