We could not be prouder of all our Penumbra colleagues

Stephen Finlayson is Penumbra’s Head of Innovation and Improvement

As the year draws to a close, we are thrilled to be able to share really fabulous feedback. Every year we ask the partners we work with across Scotland to tell us about their experience of engaging with Penumbra teams in our services. These partners can range from senior government, NHS and local authority officials to social workers, psychiatrists and funders and commissioners across Scotland.

The feedback this year has been simply exceptional. We could not be prouder of all our Penumbra colleagues who in these toughest of times have continued delivering life changing, and frequently lifesaving support.

It is wonderful to see that hard work and commitment to supporting people in their mental health recovery journey recognised by their colleagues across the wider health and social care systems. You can see more detail of the feedback in the graphic, but some of the highlights are:

  • 94% rate the support provided by Penumbra as good or excellent.
  • 96% agreed that Penumbra staff treat people with respect and compassion.
  • 94% have confidence in Penumbra staff to deliver person centred mental health support.

Statistics are important, but ultimately, it’s people and the difference made to people’s lives that really matters, and we were most inspired by the comments partners gave, such as:

  • “The thing that impresses me most is the dedication to getting it right for each person. That results in a level of flexibility and innovation that is a joy to work with”
  • “One of their most important and inspiring approaches is their genuine belief that the people they work with should not be lost to their poor mental health and that they have a positive and valued future.”
  • “Staff and management are always knowledgeable, approachable, understanding, level-headed and make a real effort to make the support work for all people”
  • “strong management who are committed to the work they do and communicate this well, ensuring that the team develops and recognises their own strengths. Reliable and always delivers. Commitment and willingness to support local developments”

We are so grateful to the dozens of partners who took the time to give us their feedback and for their recognition of the work being done.  And we simply cannot thank the staff in the Penumbra services across Scotland enough.

To deliver exceptional support in more normal times is fabulous, to continue making such an impact in the middle of the biggest challenge services have faced in decades is simply exceptional.

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Thank you to Stephen for this fantastic article and for sharing this exceptional feedback.

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