Blair’s New Year dook for Penumbra

So, I’ve decided to speak up and challenge the stigma surrounding mental health to make change not only for myself but hopefully for others. I’ve spent a number of years running and hiding but now feel somewhat liberated by reaching out for help.

This year I finally hit rock bottom in many different ways and I didn’t see a future or a life anymore, I’ve went from feeling a failure and not wanting to be here, to feeling like I let my kids down. Letting a gambling addiction control my thoughts and actions at times, struggling to go from seeing my kids every day and night to certain days a week. Not coping with life at all…..I had given up and wanted things to end because I didn’t see any other way.

Now for the first time I am trying to finally face up to my problems and struggles and not run away or hide anymore ..….

Thanks to the help from Penumbra offering just someone to talk to at times and let me speak about things in my head and how I feel. To not be judged but at the same time they encourage and support in ways I could never have seen or thought.

So as a small gesture and thank you to the service I have decided to do the New Year Dook on the 1st January 2022. I would really appreciate any donations that anybody could afford but more than that I just want to promote a service that is there for anyone that is struggling or needs help! Blair’s New Year dook for mental health.

Without Penumbra, I don’t think I would be telling this story just now! I will be forever grateful for their help, support, advice and encouragement.

Thank you, Blair, for your epic fundraiser. Sending you lots of extra warm wishes for your festive dook.

If Blair’s inspired you find out all the ways you can support us or contact if you want to get involved.