Dan Mushens on embracing change and moving forward

Anyone who works in the health and social care sector will likely concur that the concept of change is ever present and reflection, reviewing, innovating and goal-setting are constant themes.

As an organisation, Penumbra started 2020 with the launch of new cloud based IT systems which will revolutionise not only our humans resources and business administration departments but also the way in which we plan and deliver our day to day support to people across Scotland. The launch arrives at the end of the organisations five year strategic plan which itself will be reviewed with a new plan of action being announced later in the year.

Our own ARBD services here in Glasgow also continue to evolve with our supported accommodation changing its role to become a twelve week assessment centre as opposed to a setting where residents previously stayed for two years to help stabilise their recovery. Our supported living service will also be faced with change when a re-tendering process begins later in the year.

Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change

At management level, we’ve recently said farewell to Alison and Mhairi, our support manager and assistant support manager respectively and have seen Kyle and Nicole fill the void. They have a wealth of social care and ARBD specific experience and provide enthusiasm, leadership and vision during these periods of transition.

Click photo to find out why Dan (right) and Penumbra Peer Volunteer, David Richardson, recently visited the Scottish Parliament

Both services were inspected by the care inspectorate last month and the staff team were delighted to maintain our ‘very good’ and ‘excellent’ grades from previous inspections.

Last year we were successful in securing funding from the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland to devise an ARBD self-management toolkit, so 2020 will be spent working towards creating this which will involve lots of stakeholder involvement.

Finally, we will also be continuing with some goals we successfully worked towards last year and we’ll promote assistive technology to our supported people to help them live safely and independently. We will also continue to support our peer volunteer in his role and encourage all the people we support to consider linking in with each other. Nominating colleagues for award ceremonies to showcase the good practice our team deliver in their day to day endeavours is also something we’ll consider.

In addition we will still be using any opportunity to raise awareness of ARBD by promoting stories of recovery, hosting open days, using social media and working collaboratively with partner agencies whenever possible.

Dan Mushens is a former Penumbra Recovery Practitioner in our alcohol related brain injury service in Glasgow. You can follow him on Twitter @danielmushens