Going the extra mile. Holding the hope. Making a difference

As the Services and Innovation Director with Penumbra I’m always inspired by the work our amazing staff do. As I sit in meetings I know I miss the day-to-day contact with the people we support; they have always educated and inspired me. This year, especially when being with others has been particularly difficult, it reminds me of the importance of contact and kindnesses.

But then I see the work done by our incredible staff, going the extra mile to make sure people are safe and well. This can be anything from being at the end of a phone for someone; listening to someone as they explain why they have harmed themselves; visiting people at home and often being the only person who will do so; and literally saving lives by supporting people who are in despair and can see no hope for the future. These are just some examples of what our teams do day in and day out.

This year we have heard more about isolation, loneliness, poverty, and the impact of abuse and trauma. For the people we support this is sadly often a reality every year, so I will keep on doing my bit, knowing that collectively we are making a difference.

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