For the first time I am excited for what my future holds

Sharing stories is a powerful element of recovery and peer to peer support. In this blog, Steven talks about his own journey and his hopes for the future. This is Steven’s story.

I’ve had an ongoing battle with drug use for over 20 years which led me down a dark path. I was in a place where I was miserable and I couldn’t see a way out. My mental health deteriorated so badly to a point where I frequently overdosed on drugs.

I was desperate to try anything that would help me. I didn’t know much about Penumbra at the beginning but heard it was a really good service and felt ready to give it a try.

My support from Penumbra has given me a positive in my life, something to look forward to and gave me a chance to speak with someone and get things off my mind. Penumbra gave me a chance to be listened to and a safe place to talk which I didn’t have consistently in my life before. Meeting someone in the community gave me a chance to work through my anxiety with them and got me out.  I felt I had someone I could talk to that understood me and was not judgmental.

To me recovery means being able to lead a fulfilling life and being able to feel happier in myself. I am now 6 months clean of all drugs and feeling much happier.  Penumbra has helped me to see recovery as a possibility for me and to have a positive influence in my life that gave me hope.

I am now currently working towards the goal of helping people who are going through similar situations to me, sharing my experience and giving people hope. For the first time I am excited for what my future holds

Thank you, Steven, for sharing your journey and we wish you the very best for your continued recovery.

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