Mental health issues don’t always go away but it doesn’t mean that people can’t live meaningful lives

We love catching up with our Penumbra colleagues and in this blog we hear from Recovery Worker, Torquil, who talks about his role, how he keeps well and his hopes for the future.

As a Recovery Worker in the community, every day is usually quite unique but it revolves around visiting people who access our service in the home or in the community.

We use our own bespoke I.ROC wellbeing toolkit to identify goals and track the recovery and progress. It’s great to have a record of how someone’s progressed, and it allows people to keep positive and look forward.

Mental health issues don’t always go away but it doesn’t mean that people can’t live a full and meaningful life within the community.

Usually we support the person accessing our service in working toward their identified goals to promote their recovery. At times people may only need a little support and can get off to a flying start. These goals can be simple and can take the form things like managing medication, doing the shopping, community visits and even mastering bingo apps. Overall, it is really rewarding work and there is never a dull day!

Looking after my own wellbeing and keeping well is an important aspect of everyday life and something I try pay attention to. Having time to myself and zoning out after work with some music usually works wonders. After a bit of music I am chillin’ like Bob Dylan.

I read a lot and find that focusing on a book allows me to zone out. After an hour or so reading I am usually refreshed and ready to face the day. I also try exercise as much as I can. It can be such a sense of accomplishment when you can track your progression over time. And lastly, some great food and a movie never fails if the rest aren’t cutting it.

I try stay optimistic and find that by keeping my self busy and progressing with various things I can remain pretty hopefully for the days ahead.

I like to keep up to date with as much literature on mental health as I can and try diversify my knowledge so I am well prepared for my job. I love learning new information and have hopes to one day to do a doctorate in clinical psychology. Keeping up to date with relevant information keeps me hopeful it will happen.

I also like to keep in touch with my friends and this keeps me going with the hope we will be making plans and doing something fun soon! It’s been a tough year but reflecting on past events we’ve had has kept me hopeful there’s a few jamborees waiting in the future.

Thank you, Torquil, for sharing your thoughts. I think we’re all looking forward to those jamborees💗

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