10 easy ways to feel healthier and be more active

So, who would like to explore some easy ways to be more active and healthy without having to add an extra workout to their To-Do list?

1 Swap the coffee / tea / juice for water

Coffee for breakfast, tea at work and juice for lunch. Admittedly, they might all taste good and we might feel that the caffeine helps us to get through the day. But in fact water is one of the best and easiest ways to maintain positive energy levels. So, how about swapping a cuppa for some water?

2 Take the stairs

It is so tempting to push the button, for the doors to open and not have to worry about climbing stairs. But climbing stairs is actually a really good and easy way to exercise.

3 Swap the shopping trolley for a basket

Do you tend to go to the shops after work to pick up a few things? If you do, then try and swap the shopping trolley for a basket and get a free weightlifting session in at the same time!

4 Park further away

Next time you go to the shops to get your weightlifting session in, try and park further away from the doors. This is an easy way to be more active and it will only take moments longer. You can try the same when you are driving to work. Try and park further down the road or on a different road all together. To walk for just a few minutes is especially good after a longer car journey.

5 Escape the office

If possible, go for short walks during your lunch break. You can even try some mindful walking to relax and build up your energy levels for the afternoon.

6 Swap the snacks

You’re getting home after a long day and all you want to do is to sit down, switch on your favourite, binge-worthy TV show and eat some sweets or crisps. You’re definitely not alone! But what if we were to swap the sweets or crisps for some fruit or veggies? They are still super tasty and come without the packaging, so no distraction from our favourite TV show!

7 Get active during the breaks

When watching TV, use the ad breaks to get active! Walk around the room, do some light exercising, empty the washing machine, clean the dishes, dance to music; the list is never ending!

8 Get brushing

Brushing teeth is something we do on a daily basis, so why not combine it with some exercises? Here’s a playlist with a few videos on exercises we can do whilst brushing our teeth.

Fun fact: If we brush our teeth for 2 minutes twice a day and spend this time doing some exercises, we add an extra 23 hours of exercise a year.

9 Kill time

Waiting for the kettle to boil, the printer to finally start working, the oven to pre-heat… There are plenty of situations when we patiently wait for something to happen. So, let’s kill some time and keep active instead. Similar to point number 7, you can do some light exercises, walk around the room, or do some other, more active tasks.

10 Support a good cause

Why not support a good cause whilst being active? For example, you can take part in a run or walk to raise funds and awareness for a cause important to you. For some inspiration on this, you can visit our website to see the latest fundraising events or our Facebook page for some inspiring stories.


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