fit150 with your friends and family

We have previously shared tips on how to stay motivated to achieve your exercise and activity goals in 2019. One tip was to find someone who would like to exercise with you, who can motivate you and go the journey with you. So, this week we share some ideas on how the entire family and friends can be part of your fit150 journey.


Walk or cycle wherever you go

Whether you drop your children off at school or meet you friends for dinner, try and walk or cycle wherever you go. If your friends stay nearby you can meet them and walk / cycle together. This does not only offer an easy way to be active but does also give you a chance to catch up with your friends and family.


Plan active meetings

Similar to walking or cycling to meetings, you can also try to plan more active meetings. Instead of meeting your friends at a café to catch up, why not go for a walk around a park? Or instead of having lunch indoors with you family at the weekend, pack your lunch boxes and enjoy it at a beach or in a park.


Go for pre- or post-dinner walks

Whether with family or friends, going for walks before or after dinner can make it very easy to be more active throughout the week. You don’t have to go for very long walks, even 5 minutes can help you become more active.


Sign up for a challenge

Signing up for a challenge together can be a great way to stay motivated and focused. You can search online for public challenges or create your own one. An example is to set up a step count challenge. You might want to aim for everyone to walk 6000 steps a day. At the end of the week, have everyone put their steps together and check whether you achieved your challenge. If you did, you may want to increase the target for the following week. If you and your friends or family are feeling a bit more competitive, you can check who took the most steps within a week. This might then motivate others in the group to hit this target the following week. Make sure to keep the fun in it though and check in with everyone in the group that they are happy with this idea.


Put it in your diary

Make it a weekly thing to be active with you family or friends. You could catch up with your friends on “Walking Wednesdays” or introduce “Fitness Fridays”  to your family routine. This could include anything from walking to yoga or fun dancing sessions cleaning the house.


How do you stay active with your friends or family? You can share your tips with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram by using #fit150. Alternatively, you can contact us to write your own post for the fit150 blog.