John’s fit150 experience at our Carntyne service

John, a supported person at our Carntyne service, shares his thoughts on #fit150, how staff are supporting him with this and a training plan which helps him to be active away from the gym.

Physical exercise is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Exercise is also good for mental health because it releases endorphins into the body and mind. I, myself, exercise around five times a week, sometimes even more. As well as weight lifting and running, I also practice a little martial arts when I get a chance. So, therefore, I am aiming to increase my training in martial arts and I am looking for a club to train with. I have had an added bonus to my training because my support workers go running with me now, which I really enjoy.

If you are looking to do some home training then I suggest you plan each training session and also an effective cool down. Home exercising is very useful a lot of the time. So, when you don’t want to go to the gym, training at home is effective. Books are also useful because they give you good ideas and good advice. I have put together a home training session together for you too.

Thank you and god bless

Training session –

Shadow Box
50 push ups
4 x 8 dumbbell curl
4 x 8 tricep extension
4 x 8 light dumbbell curl
150 sit ups
50 squats
Then cool down by stretching arms, legs, neck, back and groin.


Do you have plans for training sessions at home? If so, you can share them with us and others by using the #fit150 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Alternatively, you can contact us to write your own guest blog.