How to make your New Year’s resolutions count

Many of us begin the new year by making New Year’s resolutions. Whether it is to eat healthier, be more active, spend more time with friends and family or take up a new hobby; January is usually the month we feel the motivation and excitement necessary to make those changes. Unfortunately, this motivation does not always last for the entire year. So, this week we share some tips on how to stay motivated and stick to our New Year’s resolutions past the month of January.


Keep it realistic and achievable

Sometimes we tend to focus on one very specific and difficult goal. We might want to lose a certain amount of weight or go to the gym 5 times a week. Whilst these are fantastic goals, it might put a lot of pressure on us. We might not feel the benefits as fast as we want to or can’t manage to work out as much as we would like to. So, instead, try and keep your goals more achievable. You could aim to run a 5k race this year or to generally be more active and healthy. This leaves more flexibility on your journey to achieve your goal and lowers the pressure you might feel.


Do it together!

Whether friend, family or colleague, try and find someone who would like to attend gym classes, go for walks or share healthy recipes with you. To be able to share this journey with someone will help you stay focused and motivated.


Remind yourself of your long term goals

Similar to keeping your goals realistic, make sure to remind yourself of your long term goals. For example, if you are training to complete a 5k run, you might start off by running for a few minutes and then increase this. Sometimes it might be difficult to see our progress, so it is important to remind ourselves what we want to achieve. This can boost our motivation and make sure we continue with our plan. Alternatively, it can help us to identify that something might not be going to plan and offer an opportunity to change our chosen path to make sure we achieve our goal.


Try new things

Sometimes we tend to get stuck in our routines. Going to the gym, doing the same workout every time and repeating this for months. Changing our routine slightly or trying new things can, however, help us to not only keep up our motivation up but also to achieve our goals faster. Incorporating different activities into your week to achieve your fit150 allows you to work out different muscle groups which in turn can help us feel healthier and improve our overall wellbeing.


Do something good with it

Helping others can also help ourselves by improving our overall wellbeing. To combine this with your New Year’s resolutions you may wish to sign up for a charity event to raise funds or increase awareness or you might want to start your own event. This is a fantastic way to support others whilst receiving support from your friends and family to stick with your plan and achieve your goal.


Treat, don’t cheat!

Including ‘cheat days’ into a new routine is an easy way to boost our motivation. We might treat ourselves to a cheat meal once a week or stop being active for a day. However, when a cheat meal becomes a few cheat days and a day of rest becomes a week of rest, we might let all the hard work go to waste. So, make sure you treat yourself every now and then but keep in mind to take up your new routine again afterwards.


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