Creative ways to reach your daily step goal

The new year has begun and with that a lot of us have made resolutions. One of the most popular ones are to be more active, to exercise more, eat healthier or to lose weight. If you would like to be more active in the new year, an easy way to do so, is to set yourself a higher step target which you have to achieve every day. The recommended daily step count to lose weight and feel healthier and more active is 10000 steps. A good rule of thumb is however to establish the steps you take on average at the moment and then increase it by 1000. Once you manage to reach your new target, you can again increase it by 1000 steps per day. To keep you motivated, we have put together a few ideas on how you can manage to reach your step goal.


  1. Get your step count up whilst watching TV. Choose a word which will definitely be mentioned, for example ‘history’ in a quiz show or ‘animals’ in a documentary about pets. Every time the word is mentioned you make a note of it. During the next ad, multiply the number by 10. Your goals is to walk around your flat / house and achieve the steps.
  2. Park further away or get off a stop earlier. If you drive to work or to do the shopping, try and park a few streets away or at the back of the car park. This is a super easy way to add more steps without spending a lot of time. Alternatively, if you travel by public transport like the bus or train, try and get off a stop earlier and finish your journey by foot. This can easily add quite a few steps and allows you to see your surroundings from a different perspective.
  3. Listen to music. Music can be really motivating, so put your favourite tunes on and enjoy your walk. You can also try and choose music with a faster beat to encourage a faster walk. (Be careful when listening to music near roads – make sure you can still hear what is happening around you to stay safe)
  4. Set alarms. Sometimes we forget to get up and go for a walk, especially when we are really busy. So, if possible, set yourself a few alarms throughout the day. Each of the alarms can prompt different activities which you have to complete, for example: go for a brisk 5 minute walk or add an additional 250 steps to your current count.
  5. Take the longer way to your destination. Whether you are heading to your local supermarket, work, college or your friend’s house, try and add an additional 5 or 10 minutes to your walk. Walking for an additional 5 minutes can add up to 500 steps to your count!
  6. Join a walking group or park run. Some areas offer walking groups for different abilities and park runs. Although running might not be for everyone, park runs are designed for everyone. This means that if you wish to complete the park run as a brisk walk, this is usually not a problem. Do make sure to contact the organisers in advance, and maybe they can connect you with others who prefer to walk as well.
  7. Take meetings outside. Whether you are meeting with colleagues at work to discuss new projects or meeting a friend for a catch up, go outside for a “Walk and Talk”. Fresh air can help to be more productive and creative and you get additional steps in at the same time.


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