Rebuilding strength and achieving goals

Last week we launched our ‘SMART goal September’ which aims to support people to achieve their fit150 by setting ‘SMART’ goals. This week, Fiona Tall, our West Area Manager, reflects on what it meant to her to set goals on her recovery journey; from making a cup of tea to cycling and swimming.


“In February 2017 I went through significant surgery which meant that I required a period of rehab to build up my strength once again. I can honestly say that it was difficult to get started; even putting a kettle on and making a cup of tea was an achievement!

I had to get a friend to look after me and whilst I disliked it, I was so grateful for her support. She helped me with the very basic things we all take for granted and supported me on my first walk outside.

After about 10 weeks I was well enough to join rehab sessions; a 12 week programme which encourages people to trust that their bodies would heal properly and they could gain a good level of fitness and health once more. My eternal thanks go to this team who gently encouraged me to try to stretch a bit further, move a bit faster and exercise a bit more outside the classes.

I was really keen to be back at work, to be able to pick up my grandchildren, drive, walk etc. These classes gave me the confidence to finally pull my bike out of the shed and get it serviced. I renewed my helmet, bought a new saddle and off I went; very slowly building up the length and time spent outside. I was really lucky it was springtime and the weather was good.

Once I achieved my certificate for completion of the rehab course, I moved onto the gym twice a week. Together with a physio at the local leisure centre, I developed a programme which stretched but did not push me too hard.

Although I thought I knew this, the whole experience taught me once again that you may think you know what someone feels or experiences but you don’t really know unless you’ve been there yourself. Also that no matter how strong, healthy and fit you think you are, in only a moment your life can change and if it does, we all need the support and encouragement to recover.

Once I was back at work things changed. I no longer had the time to attend to exercise in the same way, but I started swimming more regularly and linked this with time with my grandchildren; so I was able to achieve 2 goals at the same time. Even though I struggle to fit it all in at times, I know that exercise is important for me to stay healthy and look after my overall well-being.”


Thank you, Fiona, for sharing this inspirational story with us. As Fiona mentions in her post, if life changes we might need support and encouragement from others to rebuild strength and achieve our goals.

If you would like some support to achieve your fit150 goal, you can download our SMART Goal September Worksheet.

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