Join us for ‘SMART goal September’

Who has ever set a goal to be more active and healthy, but struggled to see the plan through? We have previously explored some ways to stay motivated during summer, but sometimes even those little tips and tricks don’t seem to be helping. So, for the month of September we aim to set SMART goals to help us achieve our fit150.


You might be wondering what ‘SMART goals’ are… The word ‘SMART’ is an acronym which can be a helpful guide when setting goals. This guide refers to the necessity for goals to be  Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time bound. What this looks like is dependent on the kind of goal you set yourself.


To start a discussion about SMART goals and to get some ideas ourselves, we spoke to some of our staff and asked them which fit150 goal they would like to achieve in September. Here’s what they said:


Julie Rutherford (Quality Manager) said “I would like to take up running again after being injured and losing my confidence”. Julie also shared “I think if I make a plan to do it with the help of SMART goal September then I think this would help as I do miss running”.


Louise Parkinson (Recovery Practitioner) explained that she “would like to increase her flexibility by doing more yoga at home”. If, in the meantime, you would like to have a go at some yoga exercises yourself, you can find a video with beginners’ moves here.


Nadine Weiland (Development Practitioner) shared with us “I would like to get my bike fixed as a first step after I was involved in an accident”. Nadine further said “I think this is an important step for me to take up cycling again”.


Nikki Kilburn (Learning and Development Manager) said “I would like to attend my dancing classes every week to ensure consistency”.


And Jack Driver (Communications Officer)  set himself the goal to “cycle a different route, to try something new and break my habit of going the same ways every time”.


Now, you might be asking yourself what you need to do for these goals to be SMART.. It is actually quite simple. Let’s stick with Nikki’s example. Nikki set herself the goal to attend her dancing classes every week for consistency. To make this a SMART goal she might decide on the following steps:


Specific (what do I want to achieve and how?) – I want to achieve consistency by attending dancing classes every Wednesday.

Measurable (how will I know when I have accomplished my goal?) – I will keep a diary to keep track of times I attended the class. This way I will know when I have formed my new habit.

Achievable (is this goal realistic?) – I have attended dancing classes before and know I enjoy them once I am there, so I know this goal is realistic for me to achieve.

Relevant (is this goal important to me?) – I really like dancing and miss it when I do not go, so it is important to me to go along to the classes.

Time bound (when do I want to have achieved this goal?) – By the end of September.


We have developed a fun worksheet for staff and people who access our services to create their SMART goal. If you are not currently using a Penumbra service and would still like to ‘hop on board’, you are more than welcome to join our “SMART goal September” event and we look forward to hearing different stories on how you used SMART goals to achieve your fit150.

Download your free worksheet here: SMART Goal September Worksheet

To keep you motivated throughout the month, we will keep posting regular updates on this blog; so make sure to check for new posts.

If you would like to share you SMART goal for the month of September with us on social media, you can use #fit150 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.