Time to Walk and Talk

See Me’s Time to Talk Day is going to take place tomorrow. This day is dedicated to look at “what it takes to make a conversation on mental health”. So, our #fit150 team has also thought of a way to start a conversation on mental health with friends or family: Walk & Talk.


All you need for a Walk & Talk is:



Many of our #fit150 posts talk about walking as an easy way of achieving your recommended 150 minutes of exercise every week. So, invite someone along for a walk tomorrow on “Time to Talk Day” and ask them how they are doing.

Talking can be a great way to release stress and share anxieties and / or worries. Remember, you do not need to walk far or long, even as little as 15 minutes can impact positively on your overall wellbeing.


Have you ever done a Walk & Talk? You can share your experience on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by using #fit150.