Update on my Funathlon activities

Still going strong! I am managing to swim 2 or 3 times a week before work.

I am really feeling the benefits of this and already see a huge improvement in my stamina when swimming.

Since the start of August I have been swimming 40 times. I tend to swim for about 25-30 minutes at each session.

At the start of Funathlon I set myself some goals.

  1. Go swimming at least twice per week
  2. Improve my stroke technique and stamina.
  3. Achieve a time of 2 minutes for 100 metres breaststroke and 53 seconds for 50 metres breaststroke

At the start I was managing to do around 1 minute 5 seconds for the 50 metres and around 2 minutes 28 secs for the 100 metres.

Last week I managed 54 seconds for the 50 metres and 2 minutes 1 second for the 100 metres. These times are with a standing start in the water (so in my mind with a dive start I have almost hit my targets!). But I need to do better and ultimately I am aiming for around 45 seconds for the 50 metres and around 1 minute 50 seconds for the 100 metres, but lets not get ahead of myself.

I have been experimenting with my technique and have been looking at training videos on YouTube.

My longer term goal is to keep up the swimming (I am guessing it might not be so easy to motivate myself on a dark winter morning) and to look for opportunities to compete in some old(er) peoples’ swimming competitions next year.

I am so glad that Funathlon (and the staff at head office) encouraged me to start exercising regularly. I eat better (except the mornings when I am starving after a swim and have a bacon roll and cappuccino), I sleep better and I have more energy.

I hope you are all achieving your personal goals and targets. It’s worth it!

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