Penumbra benefits from the dedicated help of volunteers throughout the country. Volunteers make a vital contribution to the success of many of our mental health services and we’re always keen to hear from people who would like to get involved with their local Penumbra office.

Why volunteer with Penumbra?

Penumbra volunteers will develop and strengthen their skills, meet new people and make a difference in their own community. All volunteers will develop a Volunteer Agreement outlining their particular skills, needs and goals. We will provide information, training and assistance from a trained project worker so that you can get the most out of volunteering with us.

Volunteers have a powerful effect upon the services they work with, enabling Penumbra to offer more to our service users, including art and music sessions, activities and outings for adults and confidence-building social activities for young people.

John, a volunteer in Edinburgh, talks about his experience:

“Volunteering has been a valuable experience for me over the course of the past year, and I have gained from the opportunity both professionally and personally. I enjoyed the company of the guests, and found it a refreshing experience to learn about the different ways in which people think and perceive the world. I found that guests were always very appreciative of volunteers, and seemed to benefit from the opportunity to mix with a range of different people.”

For more information about volunteering with Penumbra contact your local office or email
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