Penumbra Milestone is a partnership with NHS Lothian, City of Edinburgh Council (Department of Health and Social Care) and Waverley Care.

It is an alcohol-free 10-bedded step-down unit to provide short-term care for vulnerable men and women, aged 18+, who have a diagnosis of Alcohol Related Brain Damage (ARBD).

The emphasis on the unit is to maintain capacity to reduce delay in acute hospitals whilst providing an environment conducive to rehabilitation and recovery from the patient’s cognitive impairment.

For more on ARBD, check out our ARBD factsheet

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Download our ARBD Self-Management Toolkit

Welcome to Penumbra’s self-management toolkit for people with Alcohol Related Brain Damage (ARBD). If you are reading this, then hopefully you have found the professional and personal help you need in your recovery. There is lots of help available, and our toolkit is designed to help you remember some of the important things that will help you.
With help, kindness, understanding and support from friends and family it is entirely possible for people with ARBD to have a happy and fulfilling life. GPs, other health and social care staff, and recovery peers will also be important as you continue on your recovery journey.

The toolkit can be downloaded as a whole document, or by each section, and is accompanied by a Penumbra podcast series of relaxation exercises.








The toolkit was produced by Penumbra and funded by the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (the ALLIANCE) Self-Management Fund. Th Self-Management Fund is administered by the Scottish Government.

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