fit150 Halloween edition

Halloween is here. The shelves in supermarkets have been displaying scary Halloween costumes, creepy make up supplies and loads of delicious treats over the last few weeks. So, we have put together some workout and treat ideas to stay active and healthy.


If you are looking for a quick pre-or-post-trick-or-treat workout, we have found just the right one for you.

This workout is ideal for beginners and you can do the exercises at home without any equipment. Don’t worry, you can replace the weights with filled water bottles or cans of food to do your lateral lifts.

If you are looking for a more challenging workout to get you in the spirit of Halloween, you can join Jacquelyn for her half hour Halloween workout. You can adapt the exercises to different intensities and pick and mix exercises from this workout to create your own plan. The workout is based on “HIIT” (High Intensity Interval Training) which combines very intense intervals with slow recovery periods for an effective workout.

To satisfy our sweet tooth, we have also found a yummy recipe for a Brownie Spider Web Cake. To make this brownie cake, you mix sugar, vegetable oil, plain fat-free yoghurt, vanilla extract, and egg whites until the ingredients are blended together. Mix flour, cocoa-powder, salt, and baking powder before adding to the sugar mixture. Pour the brownie batter onto a lightly greased baking tray and bake in the centre of the oven.

Leave it to cool for a few minutes before decorating it with icing. You can make the icing at home by combining powdered sugar and milk. If you want to create a spider web look, add some cocoa-powder to some of the icing and pipe onto the white icing in circles. Use a tooth pick or knife and run it from the centre of the cake to the edges. You can click here for the full recipe.



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