Getting into a routine to be more active

Earlier this week, David Richardson, a Peer Volunteer diagnosed with ARBD shared his recovery journey; you can read his contribution here. David shared that he “avoids alcohol use by keeping busy and being open-minded”. He further explained that he “likes to have a meaningful routine of things to do to keep himself active”. Exercise can be a great way to keep busy and has also been shown to help people overcome addiction. But how can we get into a healthy routine?

Identify your goals. In September, we ran our “SMART goal September” event which encouraged people to think about their goals in an achievable, realistic, timeous, measurable and specific way. You can download ourĀ SMART Goal September Worksheet if you would like to give this a go. Setting realistic and achievable goals is an important part of establishing a routine.

Choose an activity you like. Whether it is mindfulness walking, yoga, football, or the gym. Be open-minded and try different things. Not every activity suits every person, so don’t give up if something doesn’t feel quite right. Keep looking until you find something that works for you.

Find support. Engaging in exercise might be more fun when partnering up with friends / family or other like-minded people. Or maybe there is a club or group in your local community who regularly come together to engage in an activity you enjoy. Social interactions can be great motivators to keep going and encourage a supportive environment.

Know the benefits. Sometimes it is good to know that what we are doing is good for us. Having a knowledge of the mental and physical benefits of engaging in physical exercise and activity can act as a motivator to keep going and feel better. You can read our post on the benefits of exercise here.

Write it all down. Keeping a diary or timetable of the things you want to engage in or try out can help keep track of everything that is happening. If there is a yoga class on a Tuesday you really want to go along to, then write it down, so you remember it on the day.

What helps you to get into a routine to stay active? You can share your tips on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram usingĀ #fit150. Or you can contact us to write a guest post for our blog.