Mindfulness Walking

We have covered a variety of different topics in relation to fit150 on this blog; from tips and tricks to be more active to our latest SMART goal September event and from delicious, healthy snacks to an inspiring story written by one of our Peer Workers. Today’s post is slightly different as it talks you through an activity which you may wish to do yourself.


We have now reached the time of the year where it is darker and colder. But like with most things in life there is also a positive in this. The sun is setting earlier which allows for lovely late afternoon walks in beautiful lighting and scenery. And why not combine this with a mindfulness activity? You can choose to do this in many different ways. You may want to create a list of things which you would like to see when you are out. Who knows, you may even fancy taking a couple of photos of objects that grab your attention.


Mindfulness walking is about taking in your surroundings using all of your senses. How does the air smell when you are walking? Can you smell the wet leaves and grass after it has rained? How does the ground feel with every step you take? Does it change between each step? How does the air feel against your skin?

Focusing on your senses can relieve stress and worries, as you are pausing your thoughts and instead concentrate on something different. What makes mindfulness walking so great is that anyone can do it; no equipment or experience is required, anyone can do it at any time, even on a walk from home to the local supermarket or to work. We found a guided mindfulness walk which can support you through the process of learning to be mindful when you are walking. Make sure you do this in a safe environment, this means no traffic etc., if you decide to listen to this with your headphones on.



Mindfulness can be a helpful tool to drift away from daily worries and stressors but as with anything else it takes a while to make it work for you. So keep on reflecting on things that worked well and things that could be improved after trying this activity. Did you enjoy a particular mindfulness walk more than another one? If so, ask yourself ‘why?’. Maybe you didn’t enjoy the route as much or something was distracting you?


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