Mental wellbeing encompasses a person’s sense of positive feeling about their life situation and their personal health, both physical and mental.

Each person is unique. Some people who experience mental ill health may still enjoy a good quality of life and mental wellbeing. Some people may not have a specific mental health problem, but experience poor mental wellbeing and quality of life.

At Penumbra we work to enhance mental health by preventing and addressing mental health problems, but we also promote mental wellbeing which includes both how people feel – their emotions and life satisfaction – and their life circumstances – meaningful relationships with others, having purpose in life and personal control over decisions which affect them.

Mental wellbeing represents different things for different people and can be achieved in many ways. For some it’s spending time with family and friends, for others achieving their own personal goals or perhaps taking part in meaningful work and activities.

Everyone who uses a Penumbra service will identify activities and goals to move towards mental health improvement using our innovative Individual Recovery Outcomes Counter (I.ROC). For more information see Innovation.