Community comes together in #HoldTheHope fundraiser for Penumbra

Spotlight recently heard how Penumbra had joined forces with the team at Guardswell Farm for a luxury Christmas raffle organised by Inchture local, Becky Gunn. We caught up with Assistant Area Manager, Kenny Thom, to hear a bit more about it.

“At any given time, 1 in 20 of us is experiencing thoughts of suicide. It remains a subject that we find difficult to talk about, but as a leading cause of death among young people and with men in their middle years particularly vulnerable, it is vital that we open up. The one thing we can all do is talk openly about suicide and encourage conversations around mental wellbeing.

“The pandemic has been daunting for everyone, but there’s a real risk that people already living with mental ill health could find themselves at a crisis point so that’s why we’ve launched our #HoldTheHope campaign this winter.

“Even during a pandemic we can still maintain meaningful connections. The Carse of Gowrie raffle is a great example of the community coming together to shine a light on honest conversations around suicide and looking after our mental health in the same way that we look after our physical health.”

Raffle organiser Becky Gunn came up with the raffle idea after losing a friend to suicide.

“While working on a project with William Wells, a joiner from Forfar, he told me that he’d recently started Someone’s Hero Facebook group. He did it to raise awareness of male suicide and mental health in his local area, after a close friend completed suicide last year. Having also lost my best friend to suicide a couple of years ago, and after such a difficult year for so many, I felt it was important to put on this event. Hopefully, people can have some fun and also know that they can help loved ones in crisis, by giving them the details of people who can help and support them locally.”

Anna Lamotte from Guardswell Farm added that, “this year has been a particularly challenging one for people from all backgrounds. Some of the team at Guardswell know about the effects of poor mental health, in varying degrees, and this year has really pushed the boundaries of some of those we love. When the local community were keen to organise a charity fundraiser, and we couldn’t support it in a physical sense as we would usually hope to, the idea of an online raffle seemed just the ticket (excuse the pun!). Hopefully this means that the raffle is more accessible to all and raises as much money as possible for a good cause.”

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Thank you, Becky, Willian, Anna and the rest of the team at Guardswell Farm for your brilliant support.

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